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Hydraulic Cyliders in



is a fast growing, manufacturing and Service Company involved in complete range of Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing  and services.                                                                                             


In order to cater to the ever-increasing demand of Power Packs and Hydraulic cylinders, we put up a work shop in Nashik around 180 Kms from Mumbai to carry out activities of manufacturing, repairs and over hauling of Hydraulic cylinders, Power Packs, Valve-stands etc. We have successfully carried out these activities for premium companies in Steel, Automobile and Shipping etc. since last 8 years.


 The work shop is equipped with all machining facilities to manufacture and repair Hydraulic cylinders up to 400 mm. Bore diameter and 3 meters stroke as well as power packs and valve stands. Testing facilities up to 350 bars are available with help of electrical Power Pack.

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